Lil' Kini Girl Hair Tie 3-Pack
Lil' Kini Girl Hair Tie 3-Pack
Lil' Kini Girl Hair Tie 3-Pack
Lil' Kini Girl Hair Tie 3-Pack
Lil' Kini Girl Hair Tie 3-Pack
Lil' Kini Girl Hair Tie 3-Pack
Lil' Kini Girl Hair Tie 3-Pack
Lil' Kini Girl Hair Tie 3-Pack
Lil' Kini Girl Hair Tie 3-Pack
Lil' Kini Girl Hair Tie 3-Pack
Lil' Kini Girl Hair Tie 3-Pack
Lil' Kini Girl Hair Tie 3-Pack

Lil' Kini Girl Hair Tie 3-Pack

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What Are Kini Bands?

Kini Bands hair ties are the only ponytail holders that won't break over time, and come in a variety of colors and prints to match any outfit for any occasion. Our strings are made from strong, silicon rubber covered in soft fabric, so they're safe on your hair, and will never tangle, leaving your locks looking and feeling healthy. 

Size 5.5” Circumference
Quantity Set of Three Bands
Metal Alloy Plated Nickel Charm 
Inside Material Silicon Rubber
Outside Material 82% Nylon 18% Spandex
Hair Type Holds Medium to Thick Hair

Complete Your Order With Kini Bands

- No More Old Hair Ties on Your Wrist
- Mix & Match with Your Clothing
- No Dents From Tight Hair Ties
- Wear for Any Occassion

Our ponytail holders bring together fashion & function into the best hair ties you can find. 

Kini Bands are unique ponytail holders made in San Diego, California that double as jewelry on your wrist, and are super durable for your hair. These colorful hair ties look good no matter where you wear them. Our bands are made to last through work, fitness, and anything else that comes your way.

Jewelry Hair Ties

What Makes These The Best Hair Ties?

Safety Won't Damage Hair by Tangling or Crimping
Elasticity Silicon Rubber Never Breaks or Stretches Out
Colors Mix and Match Any Outfit
Strength Durable Hair Ties Will Never Break
Comfort Feels Great on Hair, Head & Wrist

Made by the sea in California, Kini Bands is a lifestyle brand committed to creating the most uniquely beautiful, functional and safe accessories for your hair. 

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Caring For Your Kini Bands

Wearing Meant for Everyday Use
Machine or Hand Wash

Drying Air or Line Dry Flat

Proudly Made in the USA

Kini Bands are made with heart in San Diego, California


Why do Kini Bands hold up longer than other hair ties?  
All of our products are made from swim and yoga material, which is made to last through workouts, water exposure, and sweat. On top of that, each hair tie is made with a silicon elastic that will never break or stretch out, since they're encased in fabric. Finally, they're machine-stitched, and not fused together like most elastics so they won't come apart no matter how many times you use them. 

Can I wear my Kini Bands in the water? 
Each piece is made to withstand the elements of the sun, salt, chlorine and water. With that being said, prolonged exposure to these things will eventually have an effect on the metal finish, giving them a tarnished look compared to their original shiny coating. 

Are Kini Bands safe for my hair? 
Yes, your hair won't get caught in Kini Bands like many hair elastics that are thin, rough, or fused together. The metal charm on the band also will not catch on your hair. Lastly, the smooth surface and flat nature of the bands will reduce crimping.

Can I wash Kini Bands? 
Yes, you can wash any of our styles. We recommend hand-washing, and air-drying them to allow them to last as long as possible.

Where are Kini Bands made? 
All of our products are locally made in San Diego, and everything is tagged and packaged in-house from the Pacific Beach area of the city by our small team.

How long will my order take to ship? 
Because your order is handmade with love, please allow up to one week to receive your Kini Bands in the mail. We do our best to ship items the next day, and strive to have the bands in your hands and int your hair as soon as possible.

How do I return or exchange part of my order? 
Contact us with the issue, and you'll receive an RA number to send your item back for store credit or a refund.


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