Why Buy From Kini Bands?

Why Buy From Kini Bands?

Kini Bands is owned and managed entirely by myself, an entrepreneur living in San Diego. I funded the start of the business with a part time job, and have made this my full time line of work since 2016. 

The Kini Bands team is still very small, and hard working in getting the brand name out into the world. Meet our team:

Poonam, Administration
She holds the keys to the kingdom as our admin manager, assisting in Kini Bands customer research and acquisition. She goes to school full time, and has brought on her own team of friends to help out. 

Marites, Graphics
Our graphic designer also keeps all of the Kini Bands products up-to-date with new colors and print that come into season and availability. 

Cindy & Michelle, Operations
My dear friends who helps me with a little bit of this and a lot of that, including cutting fabric, social media, blogging, photoshoots, sales and more. 

Nearly all of our materials are sourced locally, including many of our charms, which are are cast nearby by a family-run business. For one of our components which is from overseas, they are shipped in by boat instead of airfreighted, which is the slowest yet most eco-friendly method.

Some of our effort is in the little things like printing our tags in rectangle shape vs laser cutting which creates waste. Our orders are assembled, tagged, and shipped under one roof, which additionally cuts down on our carbon footprint. 

Investing in Kini Bands means choosing hair ties that will last, as opposed to ones that will eventually get thrown out due to breaking or stretching out. Lastly, we do in fact use just about every inch of material when we make Kini Bands, saving all of the scraps for an up-cycle project that we will be starting soon.

We can quite literally say that Kini Bands are the best hair ties in existence. Because of their silicone elastic, they're durable, and won't stretch out. Furthermore, the machine stitching under each charm will prevent from from breaking.

Speaking of breakage, due to the fabric that covers the elastic, Kini Bands are safe on hair and won't tangle or cause damage. 

Our commitment to quality goes beyond that of our product, as we aim for each of our retailers to experience a positive customer service experience. 

I hope you can see the efforts being made to build a good company, and thank you for your consideration and support. 


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