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About Kini Bands

About Joanna Kinsman

In love with life and the beach, the Kini Bands lover spends her days soaking up rays of sunshine. Each day takes her to unexpected places, jet-setting to tropical islands, swimming in clear ocean waves. In these moments, as she takes aboard onto luxurious adventures, time seems to stop. And even when life calls her away from the sun, surf and sand, she keeps a piece of her bikini with her always.

I grew up in a small Maine town, and from a young age, knew I wanted to be a designer. My initial experience was in swimwear, while living in Los Angeles. I showed at LA Fashion Week and by my 4th season, realized the hair ties I was making needed their own identity. I now run Kini Bands out of Pacific Beach area of San Diego, California while working on my next line, KINSMAN.

Kini Bands: KINI like "Bikini", BANDS like "Hair Bands" 



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