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Kini Bands Ambassador Program



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Kini Bands Brand Ambassadors play a key role in spreading awareness of a revolutionary, simple improvement in hair accessories to upgrade the basics in life. Starting with the little things, like the ones you use every day.

We know you love fashion, therefore would love our products. We see your incredible social media posts every day, showcasing your one of a kind beauty and timeless fashion choices.

Share your fascination with our hair ties, head bands, and other fashionable accessories with others and help grow the Kini Bands Community!

How it works

Our Brand Ambassador Program is our way of giving back to our followers.

Every ambassador is provided with two unique discount codes, one for personal use, and one to share with their followers. We keep track of purchases made using your personalized discount code and reward our ambassadors accordingly. The more you promote, the more benefits you will receive.


  • Personalized discount codes
  • Free Kini Bands + other products
  • Exclusive discount codes
  • $$ Commissions $$ (extra income)

Ambassador Requirements

All brand ambassadors are required to complete the following:

  • Must be at least 18 years’ old
  • Must have a social media page with a growing number of followers
  • Must have confidence in yourself to share photos showcasing our products
  • Must be outgoing, professional, and have positive attitude towards our program
  • Must follow us on at least one social media platform:
    • Like our Facebook page: @Kinibands
    • Follow our Instagram page: @Kinibands
  • Must post an image of a Kini Bands product with hashtag #kinibands twice a month on at least one of these platforms: Facebook or Instagram

 **There is no fee to join or requirement to sell!**

Program Details

Ambassador Program Objective:

The overall goal of our new Ambassador Program initiative, is to increase brand awareness, drive sales, establish good relationships with our ambassadors and their followers, and create a welcoming Kini Bands Community for all types of people. In collaboration with you and other ambassadors alike, we hope to reach this goal by creating an environment that not only welcomes new members to our community, but also makes them feel valued.

What we expect from you:

If you agree to join our team, we expect that you positively represent our brand through social media engagement. In order to do this, we intend to have you:

  • Purchase any of our products in store or online using your personal 40% off discount code we will provide you with
  • Create a post twice a month, showcasing our quality products in a creative way
  • Tag @kinibands in the post and use #kinibands in your caption
  • Provide your followers with a 15% off discount code they can use on any of our products that we will provide you with
  • Kindly interact with your followers expressing interest in our company
  • Communicate with us directly in order to constantly make improvements on our program by providing feedback and suggestions
  • Maintain a positive relationship with not only the Kini Bands Team, but the entire Kini Bands Community by being outgoing, professional, and having a great attitude

What you can expect from us:

Our Ambassador program is something we take very seriously. We greatly value all of our ambassadors and want our program to be just as beneficial for our ambassadors, as it is for us. We will be with you step by step through your journey of becoming a brand ambassador, and will be readily available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. While participating in this program, you will receive: 

  • A unique 40% off discount code for personal use on any of our products
  • A unique 15% off discount code for you to share with your followers
  • A PayPal payment after you have generated over $50 worth of sales
  • Additional commission payments and other rewards based on revenue generated
  • Features on our website, social media pages, and other marketing materials
  • Access to the Kini Bands Team that will be there for you to answer any questions with a timely response
  • Full support from the Kini Bands Team a long your journey of becoming an ambassador

 We'd love to welcome you on board!



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