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Kini Bands Story

How Kini Bands Began

Thank you for checking out Kini Bands. I founded the hair ties while living in Los Angeles, working on a swimwear line I had moved there to pursue. 

I lived on the water in Marina del Rey, and one night during a power outage, my laptop was out of battery, and I decided to get creative By candlelight.

I had bags of swim strings and boxes of metal cord ends for my bikinis. I put them together to make bracelets, and began wearing them as a reminder of my goals.

Thank Goodness For Good Friends

Friends began asking for them too, but in different colors to coordinate with their outfits. I had started with only black so I had some work to do.

This remained a hobby until I was in a pinch one day and needed a hair tie that I realized the bracelets I had created made perfect hair ties.

And they were cute. I was onto something and it needed a name.

"Kini" like Bikini & "Bands" like Hair Bands

I wrapped up my fourth and final runway show at LA Fashion Week, and dove head first into the business, learning everything as I went. All the while, keeping to a shoestring budget. 

A Stroke of Luck

I posted a picture of Kini Bands on social media, and had two friends with beauty studios say they were interested in carrying them. And they wanted matching headbands. I couldn't believe it. I created the collection as I went, and quickly added retail locations. 

As of spring 2018, we're now in over 500 locations worldwide, and growing. And thanks to more amazing friends, I'm getting help with my online presence to bring Kini Bands to even more people throughout the world.

The Core Team

Kini Bands is a women owned and operated company, still based in San Diego and still cut and sewn here too. We are small but mighty, agile, and always staying creative. We now have an office in Birdrock area of La Jolla. We love when our friends come to see us, so please reach out and come by.

Who I Am

I grew up in Maine, in a town smaller than most people can even imagine. As a creative kid, and from a young age, knew I wanted to be a designer.

Shortly after studying entrepreneurship at the University of New Hampshire, I moved to sunny San Diego, sight-unseen, based on a friend's recommendation. 

My first job was in marketing, and from there I began to really understand how to start my own line, and grow a business. I'm still learning, but getting there!

Thank you so much for your interest in Kini Bands, which now operates out of Pacific Beach area of San Diego, California.

If you need anything at all, please don't hesitate to contact us. And please keep in touch with us online via @KiniBands

With Love,
Joanna Kinsman
Founder & Designer

Women Owned Business

Quality Guaranteed

Made in California