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Kini Bands

The Hair Tie That Is Covered in Fabric to Love Your Hair

And Promise to Never Break, No Matter How Thick or Thin Your Hair


Ok I'm literally obsessed. TY Kini Bands for creating these amazing hair ties. It's about time! I'll never be caught with anything else on my wrist or in my ponytail.

Emily K, Portland OR

I was a personal trainer that lived with a hair tie on my wrist daily, the kind that left dents on my skin. Not attractive, constantly breaking, and harming my hair. Not anymore!

Anne Y, San Diego CA

I absolutely LOVE mine..... Joanna, thank you for an amazing product that makes me feel like I’m at the beach everyday!! 

Karin Y, Tucson AZ

My favorite hair accessory! I have the gold Plated and silver Plated in a couple different colors and I have at least one on every day! 

Amber P, St. Joseph MO

I especially love wearing Kini Bands 1. at the gym and 2. they're the perfect accessory to wear with my watch. Plus I get so many compliments on them! I don't own any old hair ties anymore. I only use Kini Bands. That's a true story! I highly recommend them for girl wanting to glam up her look ;)

Sandy C, Salt Lake City UT

The only problem with these hair ties is that my friends love them so much that they all are constantly "borrowing" them from me because they're so adorable. They make for a perfect gift so they can have their own and stop taking mine. They've kind of become our friendship bracelets.

Carin J, La Jolla CA

I love these!! I have curly hair, so it's extra delicate and only gets washed a few times a week. I use kinibands at the gym so that I don't have a big dent in my style the rest of the day. The designer is always adding more colors and styles, so it's easy to get addicted to this beautiful product! ;) Love me some kini bands!

Alycia Z, Pittsburgh PA

My favorite hair tie and bracelet! I have thinner hair it works great by not slipping. I got my sister hooked on these as well. She was skeptical since her hair is so thick but now she is just as much in love as I am. I also like the fact they hold up to sweat so well without fading or smelling. The color choices are a bonus :)

Marie C, Houston TX

These are the best quality hair ties I’ve ever used. Not only do they pass as bracelets but they don’t break or damage my hair. Even my six year old daughter will search through her accessories until she finds one. Well worth the money!

Dakotah D, Windham ME

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